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ClearPoint has Brand Guidelines which govern the general look-and-feel of our brand. These should be used for any internal and external communications. You can find more details and a quick navigation menu on our Brand Tools page.

Brand Tools

ClearPoint reserve the right to cease or change any programmes and policies as we see commercially necessary.

A bit like Siri and Alexa, Cheryl pretty much knows everything so ask her. If the Operations team can’t deliver, Cheryl will know who can. You can reach Cheryl on 021 23 79074 or

Click this link to select the driver for your device.  Download the driver, then extract it.


Select the following options:

Product Category: Office

Product: Bizhub C364e

Then select the appropriate driver for your device.


The IP address for the printer is 


Please set your default printing settings to duplex and black & white!


Further instructions on how to install the Konica Minolta drivers on your computer depending on which system you are running, see below:

ClearPoint House Access

Main Front Door to the Building – Open between 8am and 6pm on business days.  

Lifts & Stairwell – Unlocked from 8.30am until 5pm on business days. 

An access card is required to get into ClearPoint House outside of these hours. Please speak to the admin team if you require one.

Pin for door of The Innovation Garage

Ask the admin team for the pin number for the Garage door.

Security Alarm

We have security alarms on Level 3, Level 1 and in the Innovation Garage.  These can be deactivated by swiping your access card once past the black alarm panel and activated by swiping twice.

Alarm Panel Locations

  • Level 3: On the left-hand pillar when entering the office from the lift.  
  • Level 1: By the light switches inside each entrance to the office. 
  • Innovation Garage: By the light switches beside Simone’s Café.

Security Cameras

We have security cameras at various locations throughout the offices – please contact Cheryl if you’d like further details regarding these.

We use a Dropbox for Business account (with your ClearPoint email address). Please don’t save any personal files in here. The account is configured to minimise global sharing and isolate active client projects into high level folders. If you need to delete or move folders and documents at the Root or Project level, or have questions around file naming conventions, check with Cheryl.

First Aid Kits

Auckland office’s First Aid Kits are located as follows:

  • Level 3: In the kitchen above the microwave along with the St John First Aid Handbook.
  • Level 1: In the kitchen above the microwave.
  • Innovation Garage: In the cupboard underneath the sink at the rear of the space.

When you’re on-site with a client, make sure you find out where their First Aid Kits are located and their Health & Safety Policy.

Anyone working from home should have their own First Aid Kit.


If you discover a fire, activate the nearest fire alarm, phone the fire service (111), and alert people in your area. Use the firefighting equipment only if safe to do so. (In Auckland there are two fire extinguishers on Level 3. One is situated by the electric cupboard and rear stairwell entry, and the other by the door to the bathrooms. A fire hose is situated by the door to the bathrooms. On Level 1, there is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and a fire hose by the bathrooms).

If time permits and there is no danger, close all windows and doors.

If you hear the fire alarm, leave using the nearest fire exit, help anyone who needs it, and make your way to the assembly area (in Auckland, on Custom Street West opposite the Garage). Follow instructions from the Fire Wardens. There are assigned fire wardens for each office. If none are in the office at the time a fire alarm is activated, then a member of the admin or management teams will assume the role of fire warden.


If there is an earthquake and you are inside a building (even in a lift), move no more than a few steps, drop, cover and hold. Ensure you move away from windows, equipment and shelves that may fall. Take cover under solid furniture such as tables and desks. Stay where you are until the shaking stops and you are sure it is safe to exit. Use the Civil Defence Survival Kits (in the corridor by the Level 3 bathrooms in Auckland) if you need to.

See our full Business Continuity Plan

Click here to view the document which you can download as a PDF.

For permanent employees, independent counselling is available through EAP (Employee Assistance Programme). To arrange a confidential telephone, in-person, video or e-counselling appointment anytime, visit or phone 0800 327 669.

All employees are treated with fairness, dignity, courtesy and respect. Any instances of Bullying, Discrimination, Harassment or unjust behaviour will be investigated, and appropriate disciplinary action taken to support staff to be satisfied and productive so that they are willing and able to perform their best. We encourage anyone experiencing or witnessing unjust behaviour to seek support and advice from your manager or one of the leadership team you feel comfortable with.

If you have paid for goods or services on behalf of ClearPoint, please provide admin with a tax receipt by the end of the month. For permanent staff, expenses will be paid on the 3rd working day of the following month. For contractors, please include the expenses on your invoice.

All receipts need to state client names and titles of people in attendance and purpose of purchase/meeting. Taxi receipts require client name and destination.

We use Google Apps for email, calendar and intranet. Please use your ClearPoint email address for all client email correspondence, with a ClearPoint signature email footer. The main email distribution lists we use are associates@ClearPoint and associates_client@ClearPoint. We consider all information on ClearPoint Google Apps (including email) is company information. Please apply professional discretion to any personal emails or information you choose to store in ClearPoint Google Apps.

IT Requirements 

  • All ClearPoint staff are required to provide their own laptop.
  • Staff are also required to have their own antivirus software.
  • Dropbox has enterprise security management features including remote wipe and transfer of files which would include any personal files you may save on Dropbox. If you have access to a ClearPoint Dropbox account, please do not save any personal files in here.


Secure Your Devices 

Follow reasonable steps to ensure that your devices access ClearPoint information in a secure manner with PINs, passwords, activated inactivity “lock” functionality.  If your devices support it, we also recommend using Disk Encryption, “Device Finding”, and “Remote Wipe” services.  You need to ensure that you run standard anti-virus software, take reasonable precautions to protect your devices from any unauthorized access. You should maintain DIFFERENT and STRONG passwords (with Two Factor authentication where available) for all ClearPoint information systems, Apps and Dropbox should all have different passwords.


Single User Access 

All devices that have access to ClearPoint Information should be operated as “Single User Access” mode. This means not sharing any of your security credentials or profile with others. If you lose access to your device notify your manager and an admin. (Make sure not to reset any passwords or unlink your DropBox account until your manager requests you to do so).


Information Security Breach

If you suspect unauthorised persons have access to ClearPoint systems and/or information, contact Cheryl Dwyer immediately on 021 237 9074 or who will assess and suspend users as required.

Meeting room bookings are managed in Google Calendar.  To make a booking, click on Rooms in your meeting request and you can add one to your meeting.  To check the availability of the rooms, you can add them to your Google Calendar by clicking on Other Calendars / Browse Resources.

To book the Innovation Garage please email

Our new and improved organisation chart displays the reporting lines at ClearPoint.

This can be viewed in two ways; as a radical cluster or a tree as seen in the preview below.

Check out our Organisation Chart page to view the entire sketch.

Organisation Chart

There are a number of benefits to being a permanent employee at ClearPoint.

  • Professional Development and Training Allowances
  • Southern Cross Health Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Laptop and Mobile Phone Subsidies
  • Massage Subsidies

For more information, check out our Perm Staff Benefits page.

Perm Staff Benefits

ClearPoint offers an annual training budget for permanent employees to support them in living our values of Being the Best. This allowance enables staff to develop their skills and continue to grow. Take a look below at our Q&A with Cheryl for more information about this perk.

Prof Development & Training

We love to give credit to our teammates for living our values, delivering cool work and just being awesome. Find out about our Hey Taco! Recognition Programme here.

Referral Programme

We love referrals at ClearPoint. Sharing exciting upcoming work opportunities with ex-colleagues, partners, and friends is at the heart of what we do at ClearPoint.

When you refer our next awesome ‘soon to be’ ClearPointer by sharing their CV and/or contact details to one of the Resourcing team will reach out to say hello! 🙂

If we hire or engage them for an upcoming project and once they’ve completed their first month with us, as a thank you ClearPoint will shout you to a fancy dinner for two! Please check in with the Resourcing team for more details.

Business Leads

Referring a client opportunity / role to ClearPoint that we weren’t aware of already could see you qualify for our Business Leads profit share initiative.  Contact Cheryl or Alister for further details regarding this.

  • Invoices need to be submitted to on or before COB the first working day of the following month.
  • They should be dated the last day of the month and will be paid to you on the 20th of the month following.
  • Please contact if you have any queries about the format of your invoice or if you’d like us to send you our invoice template.

For those of you who are permanent employees, we use iPayroll.  Some points to note:

  • Once you’ve been paid for the first time you’ll get a login to the system where you can access payslips and request leave.  
  • Salary payment date is 10th of the month, for the previous calendar month.
  • Leave requests are to be processed via iPayroll. You accrue 1.67 days of annual leave per month, please bear this in mind when planning leave as if you haven’t accrued enough, you might have to take some as unpaid leave.


The number of working hours on the payslip explained:

  • iPayroll averages out the number of working days per year across each month, so that each month is 173.33 hours (that’s just so that the salary paid each month is the same rather than it varying depending on the number of working hours that month).
  • Each month’s base is 173.33 hours, then it shows any leave (annual, sick, public holidays etc) on a separate line item but each month will always add up to 173.33 hours in total.


Please contact Cheryl if you have any queries at all regarding payroll.

The stationary cupboard is located on Level 3 beside the entrance to the bathrooms and locker area. Please help yourself!

Here at ClearPoint we value giving back to ensure you enjoying working here and are able to be on top of your game. That’s why we run numerous events throughout the year for our team, families, clients and partners. Keep an eye out for the invites sent to your ClearPoint email address!

You can also check out our Team Events page here on ClearPoint.Club

Team Events

‘The Garage’ is located on the ground floor of our head office at ClearPoint House in Auckland. It is our exclusive venue to hold events, meetings, ideation sessions or just to hang out for a coffee with colleagues. Check out the Garage bookings page and calendar here.

What you need to know:

We are all for ‘doing what’s right’ and minimising process, so you are welcome to drop in and use the space at your leisure. We trust you will be respectful towards other meetings and take pride in it (leave it clean and tidy). Please take notice of who is around you eg. if its obvious there is a client meeting going on, move yourself to another zone. To help you maximise the space, here are a few example furniture layouts of how you can set up the space for your event. Contact to book the space.

Timesheets are required to be submitted by COB each Friday.

We use a system called WorkflowMax to track all our time, you will receive an email to your ClearPoint email address with login and password details.

A link to the brief instruction manual is here for your reference.

Key points:

  • We account for time in no less than 15 minute blocks.
  • The aim is for each person to have 40 hours minimum entered into your timesheet each week.
  • Each project has a unique code in the form xxxx-#### – you need to be assigned the project to be able to log time against it.
  • If you are away for a full day or more then there’s a code for you to use to record this non-working day.  If you’re a permie that code is CLPT-1005 Leave.  If you contract with us, then please use use CLPT-9999 Associates Non-working time.
  • Public holidays should also be entered as leave using the above codes.
  • Any administration / invoicing time is expected to be done in your own time.
  • Please review your first week’s timesheet with our Head of Operations to ensure it is correctly setup

For Car Travel, remember the IRD policy means that work-related travel in personal cars can be claimed from your normal place of work (e.g. ClearPoint offices) to a client site. If you travel direct from home, you can claim the distance travelled, less the distance you would normally drive to work. This ensures tax free reimbursement. Also, consider using a hire car if that’s a cheaper alternative. Travel costs are passed on to clients. Many clients have agreed rates in advance, so make sure you know what they are and gain approval before travelling.

A new ClearPoint Guest Wifi code is generated each day. This code is available on slack channel #guest-wifi.