At ClearPoint, the way we work has been defined over the past decade using our team’s real experiences. We’ve designed this site to guide you around ClearPoint to help you be at your best as part of our team.

Our Vision:Where we want to be

To be the smartest, coolest & most loved digital design & engineering partner in Australasia, ensuring our clients today are thriving tomorrow.

Our Purpose

Unlocking the Potential of Technology Together

Our Master Plan

Establish experiences clients and teams can’t live without.

Create innovative integrated services that have a real impact on ‘staying one step ahead’.

Replicate and grow like mad in New Zealand and Australia.

Give back and lead the community.

A key part of our master plan is that you will have experiences at work that you can’t live without – with people you respect and learn from.

To be at our best we all need to work together, to do what’s right for us all, as we strive for the best using fresh thinking to make a difference with innovative technology for our clients. Only when we live our values, will we lead our community as the largest network of talent.

You’ll notice this map does have some rules to keep us safe on the moral, ethical, legal stuff, and, so chaos doesn’t creep in (I know, dramatic). You’ll find extra info on anything underlined in the our A-Z, or message Cheryl our Head of Operations (even she is defined in our A-Z).

This map is being deployed as a MVP and we encourage you to help with the next iteration. Learn as you go, then be honest and brave to share your stories (even better video them) so we can all stay really aligned. Oh, and make sure you have a laugh along the way…

Our Valuesthe way we work