With freedom comes responsibility. We simply ask you to act in our best interests to keep yourself, those around you, our environment and information safe.

Here are some tips:

Spend money as if it was your own, even though you will claim expenses.

Travel if you need to – and show the team all the benefits.

Work from home, and work flexible hours when you need to - though don’t be gone too long, or your squad will miss you!

Accept gifts if they don’t compromise anyone.

Hold ANYONE to account if you see discrimination, bullying or harassment so everyone can be at their best. If you need more support, click here.

Know how to best use Single User Sign On, Google Apps, and Dropbox as tools to keep our information, code and platforms (and our client’s) safe and report any suspected breaches without delay!

For you and those around you, our aspiration is “zero harm”.

Let Cheryl know any big or small health and safety concerns, as well as near misses or potentials, even if it’s on a client site.

Check out where the first aid kits are and what to do if there is a fire, earthquake or other emergency in our Emergency Information section.