No one is “special” and this is not Game of Thrones so no need to plot your way through ClearPoint, that will just slow us down.

Think of your career at ClearPoint as a jungle gym (there’s no ladder to get to the top of), so play nice. A little bit of Court Jester antics are encouraged, so get social at all our team gatherings like our mid-winter Christmas dinner and seasonal parties.

Have all the tools you need to perform at your best – bring your favourite devices, comfy cushion or friendly plant – and use our cloud-based tools, as long as it’s legal and secure!

In Auckland, check out the kitchen for drinks, snacks, fruit and coffee. Use our Innovation Garage (that’s where the proper coffee machine is) even for your own stuff during the weekend if you like.

You’ll also see the odd dog and kids hanging out (just stand back a bit if you’re allergic), and book in for an onsite massage.

In Wellington, use our space at BizDojo.
In Australia, use the shared office at Nous House.

Baxter, our office buddy

The team hearing a Talent Update from Eddy at ClearPoint's April 2019 Town Hall.

We have a number of ways to help us all stay connected with those on and off-site.

  • We all get together twice a year at our ClearPoint Town Halls – come in person or via Google Hangouts. (Check out our May 2018 event video)
  • Tech-Drops with invited speakers
  • Lunch & Learn Sessions (come via Google Hangout if you don’t like pizza!)
  • Slack’s also pretty popular – don’t forget to let us know #random thoughts and dish out plenty of tacos!

We’re a team – think the All Blacks, U2, even Justice League and the A Team – “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Every one of us needs to be at our best, so stay healthy – if that means a run or activity during work time, do it! Have walking meetings and join us for the odd indoor football game.

If you are sick, focus on getting well – just make sure your team knows what needs doing.

Use the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) if you need extra support.

Listen to how Barbara keeps learning at ClearPoint.

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